It took nearly 40 years for Pro Football Hall of Fame voters to recognize that linebacker Dave Robinson was worthy of having his bust in Canton, Ohio. And for most of that time Robinson barely spoke a word about it. When he retired after 12 seasons in the National Football League, 10 with the Green Bay Packers and the last two with Washington, Robinson felt he had made his case. So did his late wife, Elaine, who knew it was inevitable he would wind up in the Hall of Fame. So, even after he was nominated by the senior committee and made it to the finals for election into the 2013 class, he talked very little about his chances. "We never really discussed it," said Robinson's son, Dave Jr. "He's very superstitious. He's never been to the finals before, but he hasn't talked about it for 40 years. He made his case. What else could he have done? "It's up to the voters. We knew after his last day he was a Hall of Famer." On Saturday, enough members of the Hall of Fame selection committee agreed and voted him in. Robinson was nominated by the seniors committee, which picks out players who might have been overlooked during the process and gives them another chance. As Robinson pointed out, realistically it was his last chance.