Surely there will be no apologies from the Green Bay Packers after this one. The product wasn't pretty for a while at a lethargic Lambeau Field but the Packers turned it on in the second half to dust off the Detroit Lions 22-9. Without Calvin Johnson the Lions offense crumbled and the streak continued. For the 23rd straight game the Lions fell to Green Bay in Wisconsin. The Packers' offense --- hardly a thing of beauty in the first half --- made plays when it mattered. Randall Cobb took a carry 67 yards. James Jones caught one 83-yard touchdown. And on the ground rookie Eddie Lacy pounded away at the Lions defense. Jones' third-quarter grab finally busted open a field-goal fest giving the Packers a 16-3 lead they'd keep. The loss of the so-called “Megatron” handicapped the Lions' offense all game. One offense was loaded with playmakers one clearly was not. No combination of Lions weapons could compensate for the player who set a NFL record with 1964 receiving yards in 2012. Meanwhile the likes of Jones Lacy Cobb and Jordy Nelson eventually got rolling. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers finished 20 of 30 for 274 yards with one touchdown and the Packers managed to keep pace in the NFC North.