When the Green Bay Packers returned to practice Wednesday, cornerback Damarious Randall was back on the field with his teammates, just like his coach promised late last week. Randall took part in position drills and walkthroughs as if nothing had happened, as if he hadn’t been benched against the Chicago Bears and sent to the locker room early by coach Mike McCarthy, continuing on with preparations for the Dallas Cowboys. The incident, according to the Packers, is behind them. “As far as getting ready for football games, we’re going about it like we always have,” McCarthy said. “Damarious Randall’s situation is, it’s internal, it’s been addressed and we’re moving forward.” Nonetheless, Randall spoke to the media Wednesday for the first time since the Packers defeated the Bears last week. It was his first chance to explain the touchdown pass shortly before halftime that seemed to serve as a fuse, or the sideline confrontation with a member of the coaching staff, or the decision by McCarthy to kick Randall off the field before the game finished. In the end, Randall said very little about anything in a group interview lasting just shy of six minutes. He would not discuss the specifics of what took place and used the phrase “internal matter” seven times. Here is Randall on what happened against the Bears: “A lot of y’all was explaining, wasn’t you? It was an internal matter, and everything is handled.”