A day after Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers underwent the all-important first CT scan to determine how his fractured collarbone is healing, there is still no word on his status. Coach Mike McCarthy called it a medical decision on Monday and said the team is conferring with several experts. "I do not have a clean decision for you," he added. After speaking with several sources informed of this situation, Rodgers' clearance is far more complex than simply saying, "the bone has healed." There are reasons why answers haven't come. Rodgers, eligible to be activated this week after seriously impressing at practice for two weeks, is pushing very hard to play. Wednesday will mark a key moment for Rodgers as the team starts its practice prep for Sunday's game against the Panthers, and Green Bay hopes to have a call by then. Rodgers has targeted Week 15 as the date of his return and is fighting to be on the field. It's not that simple. The Packers and other voices with whom they are consulting are being far more cautious. While everyone wants Rodgers to play, their thinking is more long-term. He is the franchise, he'll be their QB for years to come, and there is still a steep uphill climb to the playoffs -- though a recent win streak did help.