Speculation surrounding the potential of Max Pacioretty being dealt continues to grow, and it’s quite interesting to see how trade rumors beget trade rumors which may help to spur an actual deal. Pierre LeBrun reflected on this point during a Tuesday afternoon radio hit on Winnipeg’s TSN 1290. “All I can tell you is when the speculation surfaced, you’re always trying to separate fact from fiction of course, especially coming out of that market,” began LeBun. “But I probably talked to eight or nine teams in the last three days that some of them I would see as potential fits that put it very bluntly – sources in those front offices – that they don’t believe they had talked to Montreal. “Now, it leads me to believe this: I’ve got to think that either there are teams now that have seen the speculation – it’s funny how this league works, I swear to God – but now that they’ve seen the speculation, whether it’s founded or not, that probably will phone Montreal and check in on Pacioretty.” LeBrun was chuckling by this point, and he continued. “So we’ll see where all of this leads, and certainly if you’re Marc Bergevin given where this year is headed, you have to listen, you have to see what’s being offered. It doesn’t mean you want to move him, but you may have to just given where the year is headed.”