The Indiana Pacers turned down an opportunity for more national attention albeit one that required showing many of their day-to-day operations to the outside world. Team President Larry Bird said no when asked if the Pacers could be featured in “The Association” NBA TV’s reality program designed to show viewers the inner workings of a team throughout a season. “Some of us wanted it” said center Roy Hibbert who broke the news when asked if he thought the Pacers were getting more national attention after voicing his displeasure with a lack of it last season. “Some of us didn’t want it. L.B. made the decision. We just need to keep focusing on what we need to do.” Bird realizes why the Pacers are attractive and understands why some fans are upset but he thinks it’s the right decision for a young team entering the season with high expectations. “I can take the heat” Bird said. “I don’t think this year we need many distractions. I think these players do well staying together and doing the right things. We do have some young kids and I think it’s a little early for all that.” The Brooklyn Nets were featured last season on “The Association.” The league has not announced what team will be followed this season.