The Indiana Pacers reclaimed sole possession of second place in the Eastern Conference on Wednesday after cruising past the Minnesota Timberwolves. The New York Knicks gave up their share of second place after losing to the Denver Nuggets, a game in which both Carmelo Anthony and Tyson Chandler left early with knee issues. Speaking of injury issues, the Pacers next opponent, the Los Angeles Lakers may come limping into the Fieldhouse, as well on Friday. After trying to send the game into overtime, Kobe Bryant landed awkwardly (while trying to flail for a foul) and sprained his ankle leaving him "out indefinitely" for the Lakers. Former Pacer Dahntay Jones was guarding Bryant and the play renewed their long-held distaste for one another as Bryant tried to blame his ankle tweak on DJ. Dahntay is quite comfortable an any sort of war of words and defended himself on Twitter while Kobe continued to grumble. I'll be real surprised if Kobe doesn't take the floor with the Lakers on Friday night at the Fieldhouse. The whole ankle thing seemed like a convenient distraction for the missed shot at the end of the game. Not saying, Kobe didn't roll his ankle but the drama seems a bit high for this one.