As we noted on Sunday following the Indiana Pacers' loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Pacers are in a bad way right now and it's stemming mostly from an anemic offense that can't get going. This team has dropped five of their past seven games and failed to break 80 points in four of their past five games. The team's all important home court advantage in the East playoffs is hanging on by a thread at the moment and tensions are high. After Friday's loss to the Washington Wizards, things were not exactly great in the Pacers' locker room. Following a 91-78 road loss, Roy Hibbert had some tough words about his teammates. He didn't name names but he said there were some "selfish dudes" in the locker room at the moment. From David Aldridge at If you thought Indiana's win over Miami last Wednesday restored order among the Pacers, got them out of their latest post All-Star break funk, got them pointed back in the right direction, you had to wait only 48 hours before the Pacers marched into the wall again. "Some selfish dudes in here," Roy Hibbert muttered Friday night, after getting eight shots in the Pacers' loss to the Wizards. "Some selfish dudes. I'm tired of talking about it. We've been talking about it for a month." As you're heading into the final couple weeks before the NBA playoffs start, this isn't what you want to hear from a team with championship aspirations. Since losing Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Playoffs last year, all the team has talked about is securing home court advantage throughout the playoffs so those types of games are on their floor and not enemy territory. An attitude of feeling there are selfish guys in the locker room at this point in the season shows a shaky ground in Indiana.