After a flurry of rumors dating back a little more than a month, there has not been much to speak of when it comes to the possibility of Indiana moving center Roy Hibbert in a trade. But, according to multiple front-office sources, the Pacers have quietly sought out possible new landing spots for their enigmatic big man. “I would say they’ve been doing that, but quietly,” one front-office source said. The problem, of course, remains the two years and $30 million left on Hibbert’s contract, part of a max four-year deal he signed as a restricted free agent two summers ago. That is a weighty number for a guy who disappeared for long stretches in March and April, and continued to do so in the postseason, during which he averaged 9.3 points and 5.5 rebounds. The Pacers are still trying to figure out how (and whether) to bring back shooting guard Lance Stephenson, after making him an offer of five years and $44 million. That’s about the ceiling they want to give Stephenson, unless they could clear some room at the top of the payroll to bump the offer up a little. “They’re open to making major changes, if they’re there,” one general manager told Sporting News. “I think they’d be disappointed to see that same core group back intact, so it is a matter of, how drastic can the changes they make be? Moving Hibbert for multiple pieces would be a pretty drastic change, but they’re asking.” One source noted the obvious, which is that star small forward Paul George is untouchable in any deal with the Pacers, and added that power forward David West was all but off the table, too. He added that Indiana’s preference would be to send Hibbert to the Western Conference.