Asked about his upcoming road trip to Florida, Frank Vogel wouldn't take the bait and share his thoughts on the Indiana Pacers matchup on Sunday with the streaking Miami Heat. Instead, Vogel said all of the team's focus was on beating the Orlando Magic on Friday. Good thing since the Pacers don't have time to look ahead or they'll get caught falling behind in the Eastern Conference. Road wins against any opponent are key at this point for the Pacers and considering they lost the last time they visited the Magic Kingdom in mid-January, focusing on beating the Magic this time around is critical. The trade deadline (J.J. Redick) and injuries (Glen Davis) make this a different Magic team, but this remains a just win, baby situation for the Pacers. Among the links today is a fun story from Scott Agnes on the continuing development of Lance Stephenson, specifically his ability to take the ball off of a turnover or rebound and push it up the floor in transition. Stephenson is a load when he gets a head of steam up with the ball which has generated some highlight fast breaks over the past few weeks.