After suffering through a season plagued by only 34 wins and 38 losses, the Indiana Pacers, if the NBA trade rumors are to be believed, want to acquire Lonzo Ball from the New Orleans Pelicans. As per the rumored reports, the management in Indiana is eager to bring in a point guard.

Their best hope is Kyle Lowry, but if things don't work out, the Indiana Pacers are also looking into a swap between Malcolm Bragdon and Lonzo ball. According to John Hollinger, this is something the league should be paying attention to at the moment. John Hollinger, while writing for the Athletic claimed:

Speaking of which, the Pacers are a dark horse in the Lonzo Ball sweepstakes if the Pelicans miss out on Lowry, as they could tempt New Orleans with a Brogdon-Ball swap. Brogdon’s name has bubbled up at other points in the last few weeks as well; keep an eye on this.