Pablo Sandoval is ready to be the emergency catcher for the good of the team. Doing something and enjoying it are two different matters. A day after manager Bruce Bochy told Sandoval to start catching bullpens, the Panda was asked if he missed anything about catching. He laughed and said, "Nothing. If I catch here, the next day I'm going to be super sore. I know that." Before he gets behind the plate Sandoval needs to find some catching gear. He hasn't caught since 2009. "It's going to be tough when I've got two, three years that I don't catch," he said. "Hey, I've got to be ready for anything." Numbers game: When players gather along the baselines for Opening Day introductions, Barry Zito usually is the last non-starting player announced because he wears No. 75. On Friday it was rookie Dan Otero, who got caught in a big-league bureaucracy and wore his spring training number, 87.