Ozzie Guillen has a World Series championship ring on his finger Chicago is his home and he’d know how to communicate with those young Latin Cubs prospects. He doesn’t appear to even be on Theo Epstein’s radar though for the vacant managerial post but boy would Guillen jump at the opportunity to bring the Cubs where he led the White Sox in 2005. “It would be great’’ Guillen said Wednesday before Game 1 of the World Series at Fenway Park. Guillen said he’s neither disappointed or surprised the Cubs haven’t called. “If they call I will appreciate it. If they don’t I keep waiting’’ he said. “I want to go back to managing. We’ll see what happens.’’ Guillen wouldn’t lobby for the job if he didn’t see himself as a fit. He also said he can envision himself taking a coaching position with the Cubs or Sox. But the Cubs manager’s job is the apple of his eye. “First of all I live in Chicago. Second of all I know what direction they’re going from watching their games and reading the papers’’ he said. “Winning on both sides of the city not too many people would have that opportunity. To get it done on both sides of the city wow that would be special. Especially for me because I live there all year long and want to live in Chicago the rest of my life. “People ask me about coaching well the only place I coach this year or next year would have to be Cubs or Sox because I don’t want to move out of my house.’’ The only open position on the Sox staff is the hitting coach which doesn’t fit his profile. In the meantime Guillen enjoys working for ESPN and ESPN Deportes at what he calls “a very good job” he picked up after the Marlins fired him after the 2012 season. During that year Guillen said he grew to appreciate then general manager Ken Williams with whom he had shared a stormy relationship. Guillen said none of it was baseball related. “You learn’’ Guillen said of Miami where the backlash caused by his praise of Fidel Castro caught up to him. “Honesty can never kill anyone. Honesty is the best thing. “After I left Chicago I knew how good Kenny was. A lot of things happened in (Miami) I wish Kenny was there to handle the stuff the way it should be handled. When I left I said [Chicago] wasn’t that bad.’’