To recap, the Oakland Athletics play in a rapidly deteriorating venue that attracts fans only on the basis of self-styled irony. A desired move to San Jose isn't going to happen any time soon because of the Giants' territorial claim to the area and because of MLB's unwillingness to force the issue. Current A's owner Lew Wolff seems disinclined to spend his own money on a new ballpark, and he says -- not very plausibly -- there's no place for one in Oakland, anyway. Recently, though, came this ... As noted previously in this space, that's a rendering of a not quite formally proposed but rather semi-formally longed-for new ballpark located astride the Port of Oakland's Howard Terminal. Wolff has already batted down such an idea, but another vested interest has just entered stage right. Steven Tavares and Robert Gammon of the East Bay Express report that Joe Lacob and Peter Guber, owners of the NBA's Golden State Warriors, have emerged as potential buyers of the A's. Also of note is that Lacob and Guber reportedly have interest in making the ballpark you see above actually happen. Tavares and Gammon write: Yet despite being spurned by Wolff, the Rogers-Ghielmetti-Knauss-Boxer team is not willing to give up on the waterfront plan. In fact, sources tell us the group knew full well that Wolff might reject their proposal. As such, they made contingency plans and have been shopping around the Howard Terminal proposal for potential investors, identifying at least three groups who are interested in buying the A's and building the Howard Terminal ballpark themselves, sources say. And one of these groups, sources say, is led by Warriors' owners Joe Lacob and Peter Guber — two wealthy men who had tried to buy the A's previously.