Alex Ovechkin left the ice less than 20 minutes into Capitals practice Tuesday morning in Arlington. “Little tired from last night” Coach Adam Oates said when asked about Ovechkin’s early departure. “He kind of wasn’t feeling 100 percent so he said ‘Let me get out of here’. So I said ‘Sure.‘” Ovechkin finished the game Monday night in Washington’s 4-2 win over the Oilers and skated a high ice time of 20:58 among Capitals forwards in the contest. In addition to recording a goal and an assist Ovechkin had four shots on goal (seven total attempts) and five hits. This wouldn’t be the first time Ovechkin has taken part in a practice only to leave early to tend to the bumps and bruises that accumulate over the course of the season or to get something of a break on a light practice day – the Capitals were only on the ice for about 40 minutes Tuesday morning. Over the course of his career Ovechkin has dealt with his share of injuries from a lower-body injury in 2012 nagging knee problem in 2011 and in last year’s playoffs he played the final two games with a fractured left foot. But Ovechkin has rarely missed games because of injury. “There’s some luck involved” Oates said about Ovechkin’s durability. “He’s a physical player. Guys who hit a lot and get hit a lot and have contact a lot have a tendency to get some bruises. It’s part of his skillset too he’s a huge man and it’s one of the things that make him special.”