Alex Ovechkin’s hometown of Moscow is more than 950 miles away from the Ural mountain region where a meteor struck on Friday. One day after seeing videos of the surreal explosion near the town of Chelyabinsk, the Capitals 27-year-old captain was still shaken. “It’s scary, actually,” Ovechkin said following Saturday’s practice. “It can happen anywhere and you can do nothing about it. “I was scared when I watched the video.” Ovechkin said he checked in with friends and family living in Moscow and “everybody’s good.” That’s not the case near Chelyabinsk, where hundreds of people were injured by flying glass caused by the shockwaves from the blast. There was enough damage done to the Traktor Sport Palace to cancel events in the arena until full inspections are made. Former Capitals defenseman Sergei Gonchar, who is now playing for the Ottawa Senators, is from Chelyabinsk, where more than 500 people were reported injured following the 9:20 a.m. blast.