As Saturday's practice wound down, Daniel Alfredsson took part in a different version of 'keep away' along one of the Bell Centre blue lines. He stood in the middle as two teammates tried to pass a puck to each other without the captain getting his stick on it. They usually went high, forcing the 40-year old kid to jump and flail at the flying rubber. More often than not, he connected. One of Alfredsson's playmates was goalie Craig Anderson, minus his mask and mitts. The way he was sending the passes back and forth with Erik Karlsson, Anderson might want to take a shot at an opponent's empty net sometime. "I never have," Anderson said later. "But after today I think I might drop my glove and try to shoot without a glove ... I don't know if that's legal or not. I was shooting it pretty good without that lobster mitt on." Scoring is about all Anderson hasn't done for the Senators in this still young season. When he makes his eighth start Sunday afternoon here against the Canadiens, it will be as the NHL's best starting goalie. Along with the 5-1-1 record, the .99 GAA and the .968 save percentage comes this mind-boggling fact: All seven goals against him have been scored in the first period, which means he's been perfect in every second, third and the one overtime he has played. That's more than 14 periods -- or the equivalent of almost five complete games -- of shutout hockey.