The receptions, however Houston wants the tone to be, will come in one order or another. Hunter Pence may get his first when he takes his high-socked strut to the batter's box to what is almost sure to be a loud ovation in his first game back as a Philadelphia Phillie and as a visitor. Or if he doesn't get to bat in the top of the first inning against former Astros teammate (and former Phillie) Brett Myers, then it might be Roy Oswalt who gets his greeting first. Oswalt, in speaking with the Philadelphia press at a weekend series in Milwaukee, said he isn't sure what his will sound like. "Hunter will probably get a lot of cheers because they just traded him outright," said Oswalt, who asked for a trade and engaged fans and the team in a two-month ordeal until he was dealt at the 2010 deadline. "For me, it was a little bit different. It was more of a process. So I don't know."