A few weeks ago, j.q. higgins penned a love letter of sorts to our beloved baby birds who nest at the Boca Chica Baseball City complex in the Dominican Republic. As our fowl friends learn to take flight their migration will take them to new and exciting locales. Locales such as Aberdeen (home of the Rookie League Ievel Ironbirds), Salisbury (of the Low-A level Shorebirds), and Frederick, Maryland (where reside the Advanced-A level Keys). And it is to these destinations that we shall turn our eyes upon in this, the exciting second chapter of our look back at the 2012 Orioles minor league affiliates. Because he was just so damn awesome, I will give a dedicated post just to Dylan Bundy, who saw time at both Delmarva and Frederick in 2012. So...what else happened amongst the A-Ball ranks? The A-Level is where most prospects make their name. It's the first level where performance actually matters. A player can make it through the Rookie levels based on the promise of tools alone. But if performance fails to materialize from those tools then a player will find himself riding buses along vast expanses of highway rather than climbing the organizational depth chart. And the first stop for most kids who emerge from the Rookie Leagues is the Short Season A Level. The most notable player to make this jump in 2012 is Roderick Bernadina (brother of Nats OFer Roger Bernadina). The 20 year old native of Curacao spent time at all three A-Ball levels, and he put up remarkably similar numbers to what his brother did during his first go around at the A-level. So that's encouraging as we look forward.