David Ortiz hit bombs in the batting cage this morning and then dropped a few on his critics. The slugging DH is back in camp for his 11th season with the Red Sox, and he's ready to do damage after an historic World Series that saw him take home MVP honors while hitting .688. As the undisputed face of the franchise, these should be happy times for the potential Hall of Famer, and they mostly are, with the exception of one subject – Ortiz's contract. Ortiz is signed through this season and he'd like to keep playing in 2015, preferably for the Red Sox. Contrary to recent reports, all he's looking for is a one-year extension. Yet, the way his critics see it, he should just shut up, honor the final year of his deal, and not even think about another one until next fall. Ortiz finds it all mystifying. “I just want people to stop talking to me about that,” he told the Herald today en route to his car after arriving at spring training and attending his first workout. “When you put up numbers like I'm putting up, who's thinking about retiring, know what I'm saying? People keep on asking me, how long do you want to play? When are you going to retire? Dude, look at my numbers. I ain't planning on retiring right now. When I slow down, then I'll retire.” Last year represented one of his best seasons in many ways. Ortiz hit .309 with 30 homers, 103 RBIs, and a .959 OPS. Then he dominated the World Series. But the way some people see it, the 38-year-old is perpetually one day away from a career-ending injury or slump. “It's always like that,” he said. “There are always people like that, they never agree with things. It doesn't matter how good you are or how much you get it done. It's hard for them to agree, to know reality, to know the truth, to know what a true player is. The bottom line is, people like that, you just don't pay attention to them. It's a small group, and yeah, they're the ones who like to bring negativity and talk trash, but nobody knows what it takes for a guy like me to do what I do.