Given that Hedo Türkoğlu only played 11 games in the 2012/13 season and that the 35-year-old forward doesn't fit with the Orlando Magic's youth-oriented rebuilding effort NBA observers have widely assumed that Orlando would either waive him or buy him out of his contract before training camp. Such a move would shave $6 million off the Magic's salary sheet--only that amount of his $12 million salary is guaranteed--and free an additional roster spot. But as Steve Kyler of HOOPSWORLD reports Türkoğlu isn't necessarily on the outs in Orlando. "There is a belief that Türkoğlu and his ending $12 million deal could have trade value around the February trade deadline" Kyler says "so unless Türkoğlu is willing to offer a discount he may remain on the roster." Kyler says the Magic are "talking with" Türkoğlu "about a buyout" but that it's not certain that he'll accept one.