Trade speculation is starting, and and it's only natural some are wondering whether the Orioles could have interest in Brewers ace Yovani Gallardo.The Orioles don't seem interested in Matt Garza, and Cliff Lee is out of their price range -- way out -- so it's only natural word is going around that Gallardo could be a fit for the Orioles. But so far, this speculation appears to be more rumor than fact. It's no surprise such rumors are emerging, though, as the Orioles would like to add a veteran starter and don't have a lot of choices. They can't spend $25 million a year on Lee (that's out of the question), nor would they consider trading top young pitchers Dylan Bundy or Kevin Gausman, which is yet another reason they won't be getting Lee. Additionally, the Orioles appear to have little to no interest in Garza despite his past record within their division. So Gallardo makes sense. No? Gallardo may be a logical target for the Orioles, and Orioles pitching coordinator Rick Peterson very much likes Gallardo, as Gallardo thrived when Peterson was in Milwaukee as pitching coach. So there's more than just guesswork here. However, the initial word is that the Orioles' interest isn't as strong as one might guess. In fact, it doesn't seem strong at all right now. Perhaps they could shoot for a rebound from Josh Johnson, who's back pitching tonight, or look for a very solid next-tier guy such as Ricky Nolasco, Bud Norris or Jason Vargas.