In a 30-minute news conference that fixated as much on the present-day Orioles as the club's future, extensions were officially announced for manager Buck Showalter and club executive vice president Dan Duquette, who, theoretically, will be together to lead the team through 2018. "Any good team that I've ever been around since Little League has stability at the top, they have clear direction and good players," Duquette said. "And we have all of that here in Baltimore today. And our aim is to build a perennial contending team that we can all follow closely and we can all be proud of." Louis Angelos, representing ownership and his father, club managing partner Peter Angelos, called Duquette and Showalter "experienced baseball professionals with exceptional talent and distinguished accomplishments." "They have worked tirelessly to re-establish a winning culture while instilling team-driven goals and the players have clearly responded," Angelos said. Showalter, in his second full season with the Orioles, and Duquette, in his first, led the Orioles to a 93-win campaign in 2012 that included the franchise's first playoff berth since 1997.