The Orioles will head into the offseason with seven confirmed free agents, two players with 2018 team options in their contracts that likely will be turned into buyouts and a catcher who holds a player option. There’s a significant amount of payroll that can be shed while the Orioles attempt to reload, as executive vice president Dan Duqeutte termed it before the final game. “We’re going to have to go out and find some pitching,” he said. “We do have a number of players that have played their last game with the Orioles. I don’t know exactly who those players are, but there are a lot of contracts that are coming off.” Dollars and sense will converge as the Orioles keep promoting their desire to upgrade the rotation. How can they afford it? Will they spend wisely? “It’s a thin market and that’s an expensive market,” Duquette said. “Having said that, we do have some resources that will be able to be redirected to our pitching staff, so we ought to be able to make a contribution to our pitching staff.