The Baltimore Orioles have no intention to shop Manny Machado, though they haven’t yet decided whether they will make a second big attempt to lock him up long-term. Owner Peter Angelos has not yet made the commitment to extend an offer to Machado, which would presumably have to be for at least $200 million, and while it would seem to be a long shot at this point, it couldn’t hurt and they should give it that shot. Rivals suggest they believe there is near “zero” percent chance the Orioles will be able to extend Machado with only one year left before he will be able to hit it big in free agency, and that may not be far off. But some odd long shots have come in, like Stephen Strasburg signing to stay with the Washington Nationals with less than a year to go on his deal. The Orioles signed Chris Davis to a $161 million deal, but Machado could make a case he’s worthy of a Giancarlo Stanton-type deal, which is almost exactly twice as much at $325 million, or perhaps even more. In any case, there is no evidence they would consider trading him this winter. One Orioles person said in regard to their intention not to trade Machado, “It would take us 35 years to find another player like him.”