First and foremost, congratulations to the Baltimore Ravens on being Super Bowl champions! I suppose that it would be safe to say that 2012 would have to go down as one of the most successful seasons in the history of sports in the city of Baltimore, with the Ravens and of course the Baltimore Orioles going to the playoffs in such an impromptu manner. One of the many tweets I saw last night said something to the effect that the Ravens' championship was much like the city of Baltimore itself in that the team was flawed but that scraped and fought until achieving their goal. Sound familiar, O's fans? I think it's fair to say that about the current incarnations of both Baltimore teams. Most fans are quick to point out the Orioles' faults, probably quicker than the team itself. Yet they don't give up. Last season I felt like that aspect was almost mocked in a way by some members of the fan base in that we heard it so much and it turned into somewhat of a running joke. However where "not giving up" can lead you should be plainly obvious. The 2012 Orioles could have packed it in at various points in the season, but they didn't. And they took their fans to the "promised land" of the postseason. The same is true of the 2012 Ravens, who lost three straight games at one point and appeared down and out. Only they believed in themselves, which is really all that was important. Now they're Super Bowl champions.