Orioles right-hander Kevin Gausman arrived at the Ed Smith Stadium complex Tuesday morning prepared to leave Sarasota for Phoenix to attend his arbitration hearing Wednesday. But just hours later, the club agreed to terms with its final unsigned arbitration-eligible player. Gausman, the last of seven arbitration-eligible Orioles to come to terms, agreed to a one-yeard, $5.6 million deal for 2018 in his second of four arbitration-eligible seasons as a Super 2 qualifier. He made $3.45 million last season. He said earlier Tuesday that he hoped his contract would be resolved before the hearing. “I think there’s definitely a chance of that happening,” Gausman said. “We’ll see in the next couple of hours. If not, I’ll be getting on the plane here soon. We’ll try and get something done.” The salary figures filed by him and the club were less than $1 million apart, so it appeared likely that a compromise would be made. Gausman, 27, filed for a $6.225 million salary and the team filed at $5.3 million.