Brian Roberts' long road of recovery from multiple concussions will take him with the Orioles' travel party when spring training camp breaks next week, he said Monday. But the second baseman will still begin the season on the disabled list. The latter isn't a surprise. Roberts hasn't played in a spring game at any level this year. And he's just begun to incorporate game-day activities — like taking pregame ground balls, hitting batting practice and watching games from the dugout — into his routine. But joining the team in Baltimore will be a major test for his recovery, because he must adapt to all the sensory moments — among them large crowds and loud music — as well as the rigors of traveling with the team. "My doctor thought it was really very important to be in that environment as much as possible," Roberts said. "(They) are all things he's had guys have difficulty with in the past. You go through a rehab assignment down here and you're in a very controlled environment — same time, same place, not many people around. And you can get acclimated to that but then when you go into that other atmosphere, it's a whole different ballgame."