Monday's announcement that Oregon basketball junior guard Damyean Dotson is not currently participating in team activities follows a forcible rape investigation from March that the Lane County District Attorney's office has since declined to prosecute due to a lack of evidence. Oregon basketball teammates Dominic Artis and Brandon Austin are also named in a police report released Monday evening (Editor's note: Warning, link contains graphic details) by the Eugene Police Department, though they were not investigated by the district attorney's office. Oregon announced Monday morning that Dotson, Artis and Austin were "not currently participating in any team activities." The district attorney's office listed only Dotson as a suspect when it wrote April 14 that due to insufficient evidence it would not pursue prosecution. It also did not list any of the charges Dotson had been accused of. However, it added, "While there is no doubt the incidents occurred, the conflicting statements and actions by the victim make this case unprovable as a criminal case." Artis and Dotson were contacted by law enforcement after the incident and told investigators the sex was consensual. Austin was also contacted by police but asked that any inquiries be handled by his lawyer. In the case of Austin, it is the second sexual assault case he has been linked to since November, after a Wall Street Journal article in March reported he and a teammate were under investigation while at Providence. He never played a game for the Friars after being suspended twice, and transferred to Oregon in January. In the report, the victim alleged that she had been drinking alcohol on the night of March 8 -- the weekend before the Pac-12 men's basketball tournament -- prior to attending a party with two friends at the home of former Oregon point guard Johnathan Loyd. Over the course of the night, the victim told officers she was sexually assaulted in three separate instances, each time by all three Duck players. When asked how she identified the men, the victim told the reporting officer that, "They look like they do on the basketball cards they hand out at games" and that the players had identified each other by name several times.