Pitchers and Catchers Report Day came early this year, and Valentine's Day just won't have that same hum of anticipation. Oh, sure, we'll all still have the promise of slightly awkward sex with our chosen mate, followed by the standard 35 minutes of crying, followed by less-awkward sex with a stranger, followed by a refreshing soak in a bathtub full of ice, which has to be one of the nicest ways to wake up I can think of. Ah, the wonders of love... Anyway, the baseballers of St. Louis have already headed down to Florida, getting an early start on retirement by visiting there for work, and....well, so what? Pitchers and Catchers Report Day is kind of a tough holiday; it's super exciting leading up to it, but then you always have that lull immediately after, when we all remember that the first few weeks of spring training are really only good for those funny video clips of men in shorts doing those goofy high-knee hip flexor stretching thingies, walking backward. It's not a great look, really. The games will start up soon, or at least the reports of exactly who has reported in BSOHL mode. (Speaking of, I want some reporter, somewhere, to tell me which players showed up with boobs this year; I'll just assume the rest of them kept on top of the workouts, thanks. Well, except Shelby Miller, whom I shall assume showed up looking like the Michelin Man.) Things start to get really exciting then; for now we're all just kind of back to waiting for baseball to come back. P&CRD is a nice waymarker for the return of our game, but it always has the feeling of a sort of false dawn to me.