The Jazz are a resilient team with a quality roster. They focus on the interior aspect of their game and have an insane amount of depth in that position. As such, they rely a lot on getting to the line, offensive rebounding, and penetration defense as their calling cards in order to help them win. But when the few weapons they have on the perimeter start to disappear, the team weakens as a whole. Mo Williams has been out for a while now, but the additional loss of Gordon Hayward has left them susceptible to certain teams. A 4-4 post-Hayward record doesn't look that bad on the surface, but when you consider that they got creamed by the fast-breaking Kings and Rockets, you can understand where their weaknesses lie. A fully fledged Jazz roster was able to keep things competitive back in November, and Hayward and Williams definitely played a major role in that game. But where the team really made their mark was in the post, grabbing 5 more offensive rebounds than the Thunder despite losing by 11. Moreover, their bench was able to make some positive impact on the back of Enes Kanter, who dominated the Thunder's bench bigs.