Tuesday night’s 3-2 loss to Toronto, combined with Calgary’s 4-1 win over Detroit, gives the Capitals sole possession of last place in the NHL. There’s no way to make that sound any better, no matter how many positives anyone can point to. “It’s incredibly frustrating. We’re not getting any results right now,” Karl Alzner said. “It seems every game we have one or two human-error goals, not ones that we should let in or allow them to even have a chance. And every time we do, it seems to be killing us. I’m very frustrated. I still feel like we play good hockey, just never good enough to win, though, and it’s about time we get over that hump.” Alzner zeroes in on the crux of things quite well. No matter how well the Capitals may play, they’ve only done enough to win twice. They’re falling behind in the Eastern Conference and as the preventable mistakes continue to pile up, patience wears thin. “I’ve never experienced a start to a season like this before, so it’s very frustrating to me and I’m always asking ‘Why?’ but we all like what we’re doing out there,” Alzner said. “I think if you ask a lot of teams, I don’t think it’s super easy to play against us, but we allow easy ones and that’s when you run out of patience, when you keep letting in a couple of soft ones.” >>Speaking of preventable mistakes, there may be no better example than the miscommunication between Tom Poti and Michal Neuvirth that led to James van Riemsdyk’s first goal of the night. John Carlson’s shot went high and wide, rimmed around the glass and all the way back to behind the Capitals’ net, where Neuvirth settled the puck. When Poti approached, Neuvirth left the puck for him, but the defenseman thought the goaltender was going to play it.