A year ago, Michael Floyd had what he says was a “wake-up call.” On Dec. 12, 2016, the St. Paul native and former Cretin-Derham Hall High School star was arrested for DUI in Arizona, where he was playing for the Cardinals. Found asleep with his car running at a traffic light in Scottsdale, Floyd had a blood-alcohol level of .217, nearly three times the legal limit. In February, he pleaded guilty to extreme DUI and was sentenced to 24 days in jail and three months of home confinement. “It’s been a long year,” Floyd said. After being released by the Cardinals and playing sparingly for the New England Patriots at the end of last season, Floyd signed a one-year, $1.41 million deal with his hometown Vikings in May. He has nine catches for 78 yards in seven games. Last Tuesday, Floyd took to Instagram on the one-year anniversary of his arrest and published a post about all that has has happened since he made the “biggest mistake of his life.” He wrote he “lost my dream job and thought I ruined my career,” but thanked the Patriots and the Vikings for “taking chances on me.” “I was just kind of reflecting on all the things that I had been through,” Floyd told the Pioneer Press this week. “I was thinking about my life and the past whole year and how everything went down, and reflecting on the ups and downs. … For sure, it was a wake-up call.” Floyd, who also was arrested for DUI at Notre Dame in March 2011 and suspended from the team for five months, was asked how he has grown as a person. Floyd, 28, said he has stopped drinking altogether. “The partying stopped,” he said. “I was going out all the time and having fun. Now, I’m mostly focused on work and hanging out with my teammates. … I go out now, but I don’t drink.” He said before last December’s arrest he was “just being a young kid,” going out regularly, but has matured.