Christian Hackenberg is a quarterback for the New York Jets in the sense that he's on the official roster, has his own jersey number and a locker in the locker room, and spends most of his Sundays on a football field with his teammates. But Hackenberg's never thrown a pass in an NFL game during his two-year career. Despite getting drafted 51st overall in the 2016 NFL Draft, Hackenberg's yet to play in an actual football game for the Jets. In that sense, he's more of an idea of a quarterback than an actual quarterback. It turns out, his inactivity is actually historic. According to Chase Stuart of, Hackenberg is the first quarterback in more than 35 years to get drafted in the first two rounds and then not throw a pass during his first two NFL seasons. Stuart noted in his story that Gary Keithley (second-round pick of the Cardinals in 1973), Glenn Carano (second-round pick of the 1977 Cowboys, and Gene Bradley (second-round pick of the 1980 Bills) are the only first or second-round quarterbacks since 1970 to go pass-less during their first two professional seasons. So, Hackenberg just joined a pretty exclusive club.