After 17 years, Ray Lewis' career is finally over. 61 interceptions later, Ed Reed's career looks to be nearly over as well. On top of that, the Baltimore Ravens have 22 free agents this offseason, including quarterback Joe Flacco. So, as Jim Harbaugh would say, "Let's move on with humble hearts." And Congratulations to the world champion Ravens - they fought hard. Now, in the grand scheme of things, one could assume this game meant more to the Ravens. The Ravens were closing an epic chapter in their book while the 49ers were just beginning theirs. One of the major narratives going into this game was that NFL would witness the end of an era in Baltimore. Moreover, a supplemental storyline was that the Niners were undergoing a new age of quarterbacking in San Francisco. At midseason, they made the transition from veteran QB Alex Smith to second-year player Colin Kaepernick. The move was made to provide more dynamism from the position and it did. Kaepernick's insertion into the lineup vaulted this offense from a conservative, proficient approach to a threatening, aggressive-style attack. And when it comes to the tangibles and intangibles, Kaepernick possess the tools to be an elite quarterback. Considering that Super Bowl XLVII was only his 10th career start, he has a lot of growth ahead of him.