Bright and early on Monday morning, not long after suffering their fifth consecutive loss to start the year, the Washington Redskins parted ways with head coach Jay Gruden. And being a longtime friend and appreciative pupil, Los Angeles HC Sean McVay reached out.

I exchanged some stuff with him this morning. It’s a tough situation. He (Jay Gruden) is a really close friend of mine, he has been – really, that family, but especially Jay – you talk about instrumental. A lot of the opportunities that I’ve been given in this league as a result of his belief, his willingness to kind of teach me. One of the things that I think is so special about him that I never realized and really, truly appreciated until I got into this role here was how much he really protected me. When I was a coordinator, in a lot of ways, he kind of groomed me and brought me along to where you kind of learn some of the things about how you’re setting up a gameplan, how you want to call a game.

He protected me from a lot of the things that – I don’t know that a lot of people would do that. I think that’s a real demonstration on who he is as a man and I’m forever indebted to him. That organization was really good to me. It’s something that you just realize how tough this league is. I love Jay Gruden, love what he’s meant to my family and to me and I’m always in his corner.