March is my least favorite month for baseball blogging. There's almost no actual news, but all kinds of faux-news, things like spring training games and spring training cuts and so-and-so being in The Best Shape Of His Life. We can (and do) argue about the back end of the roster, but in the end, that means next to nothing, because the guys on the bench won't play much, and the guys who just miss making it are likely to wind up on the bench later in the season anyway. We can speculate about why, say, the Pirates sent down Jerry Sands so early in camp, but ultimately, we don't have any idea what that means, if it means anything. And a large percentage of the arguments we could even potentially have this time of year (that is, that are borne out of the events of the day, and not that we just make up arbitrarily) are arguments that we shouldn't even be having, and probably wouldn't have any other time of year. Right now, then, much of what there is to talk about is why Gerrit Cole isn't going to make the team, or why Brad Hawpe isn't going to make the team, or why the Pirates sending Sands and Stolmy Pimentel to the minors doesn't say much of anything about the Joel Hanrahan trade. These aren't issues we'd be concerned about if there were meaningful baseball to discuss.