Penguins center Sidney Crosby visited with his teammates Monday at Southpointe and met with reporters briefly for the first time since he got hit in the mouth with a puck March 30. Crosby did not have a specific answer for the most asked questions regarding his status -- he does not know when he will be cleared for practice or games after surgery for a broken jaw, and he isn't sure how many teeth he had knocked out. "It's gotten better," Crosby said. "I feel a lot better than I did after the first couple of days. "I'm sure they'll wait and see how everything heals. It will be a process over the next little bit. I'm not too worried about the teeth. I'm more worried about making sure I'm healed. Hopefully, that's sooner rather than later." Crosby, who leads the NHL with 56 points in 36 games, is not joining the team for a three-game road trip that begins tonight at Carolina. He said he plans to meet with his doctor this week. His speech was mildly affected, and he smiled frequently, revealing a gap where at least three bottom front teeth are missing. He already had his upper front teeth repaired but faces more root canals and other dental work. "I really don't know what I lost or what's going to be saved," Crosby said of his teeth. Crosby is waiting for surgically implanted metal plates and screws that are stabilizing his jaw to set. "Whenever [the doctor] feels comfortable that everything's set in and I can go out there and skate and exert," he said of getting back to workouts. "That's something I'll wait to hear from him." For now, he is not eating solid foods.