Both Ole Miss and Utah are claiming it received a National Letter of Intent from Florida athlete D.J. Law. Ole Miss first announced the signature at 8:23 a.m. today. Utah announced at 3:36 p.m. (central) that he had signed with it. An Ole Miss spokesman said the school is looking into it. His counterpart at Utah said that she published he had signed as soon "as I was told I could." But, she said, she thinks the school received the letter of intent earlier in the day. Adding more weirdness to the story is this video from local TV news station Bay News 9, in which Law is clearly choosing Utah and is seen wearing a Utes hat. In at least one frame a woman behind him is wearing an Ole Miss t-shirt. Whatever school had its NLI verified and recorded by its conference office is the one who would likely have a claim on the player. It could also go to what the time stamps on the respective forms say (all letters of intent on National Signing Day have to indicate when exactly it was signed).