Manchester United: A grand institution steeped in glory and tradition. The club enjoyed 26 years of domestic dominance under their greatest manager ever, Sir Alex Ferguson, the Jean-Luc Picard of football managers. Like SAF, Picard is head and shoulders above rest of his peers; the most complete captain of the USS Enterprise. Not only is he more adored than Captain Kirk, but he also is more willing to work with his entire crew and not just the same two men every mission, just like Sir Alex Ferguson.

But today Manchester United is not even a reflection of the title-winning teams Fergie put together. Seven years without a league title have not eased the misery of the Old Trafford faithful, despite the odd piece of other miscellaneous silverware. Like a click from Thanos, Manchester Utd, once the great Avengers assembled by Sir Alex himself, now look like a team full of Hawk-Eyes, sidekicks, and no-name extras brought in to fill screen space in the fight scenes.

Since 2013, when Sir Alex Ferguson handed off the mantle, the club has seen four managers: David Moyes, Louis Van Gal, the self-proclaimed Special One Jose Mourinho, and now Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.