New Jersey Devils forward Taylor Hall delivered a dangerous and blatant hit from behind on Buffalo’s Kyle Okposo Tuesday night. Hall only received a two-minute minor for the hit, possibly because Okposo was able to get to his feet and continue in the game. The NHL Department of Player Safety reviewed the hit and decided to fine Hall $5,000. Okposo did not agree with the reasoning that Hall would have received a heavier in-game punishment had Okposo gotten hurt on the play. “I was not ready for contact at all,” he told Bill Hoppe. “If I stayed down then the ref says it’s a five(-minute penalty). But why should that matter? It’s a same play, in my opinion. I got up because I was mad. I was looking around for who did it, and I saw him, and it didn’t register. Like, was looking for somebody else. “Obviously, I know him a little bit. I know he’s not that kind of player. But still, that was a bad hit. I didn’t turn or anything. I was going to get the puck, he buried me behind into the boards.”