Tuesday was the day the Poke-a-Doke came to college basketball. It is not to be confused the with Hack-a-Shaq or similar strategies employed against DeAndre Jordan but lacking a catchy name. When the NBA was allowing this to go on a few years back, there was no basketball to it at all. When Oklahoma forced Kansas center Udoka Azubuike to the line four times in the final four minutes of their game Tuesday night in Norman, college rules demanded it be done within the context of the game. Some Kansas fans have argued that OU coach Lon Kruger was stooping to a strategy that warped the game, because 6-10 Sooners sophomore Matt Freeman only played 2 minutes and committed five fouls. But what we saw was basketball. Instead of merely wrapping his arms around Azubuike in a gesture of unwelcome familiarity, Freeman wrestled him for position on the low block. He just didn’t care if the ref blew the whistle. OK, he cared. He wanted it.