The Oklahoman reported on Wednesday on the secondary NCAA violations that the University of Oklahoma has self-reported over the last two years. The list was filled with the usual minor infractions like pocket-dialing a recruit, impermissible texts, et cetera. However, the most serious of the violations appears to be what some are now calling Pasta-gate. The Sooners self-reported three players for eating more than their fair-share at a graduation banquet. With a tasty buffet prepared before them, some Sooners decided to over-indulge, and now they must pay…..$3.83. The players must pay $3.83, the estimated cost of the extra serving, to a charity of their choice. There is no word yet on the type of pasta involved in Pasta-gate; some have speculated that corkscrew or fettuccine was involved. It turns out that at least two of the three over-indulging players were on the football team. Senior Gabe Ikard took responsibility for over-eating on Twitter, and he also implicated his teammate Austin Woods. So regretful were the two players that they opted to give $5 to the charity of their choice instead of $3.83. Perhaps the extra $1.17 was added on because they also put too much parmesan cheese on their servings. Regardless of the amount paid, we should all be thankful that the NCAA is so vigilant. Rumor has it that after Ikard and Woods went through the line, one banquet attendee was unhappy with his portion, saying there was not enough saved for him. That type of selfishness on the part of the Sooner players cannot be tolerated. As it turns out, eating too much pasta is not an NCAA violation though. NCAA spokeswoman Meghan Durham said in a statement, “While we appreciate Oklahoma’s commitment, there are no NCAA rules regarding portion sizes, and any penalties were determined by the university.” Call Pastagate inane, but had the players been eating wheat pasta, the banquet could have become the subject of a hard-hitting NCAA investigation.