Nick Collison's fourth and final assist Friday stemmed from a set that's been frozen in time, an impromptu play the Oklahoma City Thunder has now used for the better part of three-plus seasons as a way of manufacturing some scoring punch out of the second unit. It happened with just less than eight minutes remaining in the fourth quarter. Collison started by setting three screens, the first out front on the ball for Reggie Jackson, the second on a pin-down for Kevin Durant and the last one for Kevin Martin on the baseline. The first two were more for misdirection. The final screen was most significant. Martin ran off the pick and popped out to the right wing, where he caught a pass from Jackson. Collison crept over and set up to provide another pick for Martin to use. With his defender crowding him and jumping to his left, Martin instead passed to Collison and made an immediate cut to the basket down the right baseline. Collison fired a bounce pass through two powerless Minnesota defenders, allowing Martin to haul in the ball, take two strides and score on an uncontested backdoor layup.