OKC Thunder forward Kevin Durant is the type of player who throws a lob pass and checks in with the scorer's table to make sure they are aware it wasn't a shot attempt. That is to say he cares about being efficient and getting the most out of every shot. He's long held the title of the NBA's most efficient star, but, in the nine games since Russell Westbrook went down, Durant doesn't feel that title applies. “I'm not doing enough to help them,” Durant told The Oklahoman. “I'm shooting too much. I'm shooting too many 3s. I'm not helping them out at all. So it's not on them.” Westbrook underwent knee surgery and missed his first game on Dec. 27. Over the past nine games since then, Durant has taken 199 shots and his average shot attempts per game have gone up each month, from 17.7 in November, 19.4 in December and, finally, 21.3 in January. His 3-point shots have taken a similar trajectory and he has topped out at 7.0 3-pointers per game in January. Without Westbrook, Durant is charged with creating more for teammates, which is part of the reason he's being hard on himself. Reggie Jackson is a capable replacement, as he showed last postseason, but he's still learning to create after occupying the role of scoring guard for much of his basketball life. Durant, the NBA's leading scorer at 29.6 points, has become more aggressive on offense as a result of Westbrook's absence. In the month of January, he's putting up 34.0 points per game and he has scored 48 points twice in the last five games. He took 66 shots to score those 96 points in games against the Wolves and Jazz.