Defenseman Duncan Keith reached into the box of greasy In-N-Out burgers — a must-have in Los Angeles even for finely tuned professional athletes 21 hours before the start of the regular season — in the Blackhawks' makeshift locker room Friday, pulled out a double-double, then proceeded to go "animal-style" on it. But with a dollop of sauce still clinging to his chin, Keith was thinking about another taste sensation — that of champagne. Particularly champagne poured from an oversized silver chalice. "Once you get that taste of it, it makes you that much hungrier to get it back," Keith said. Keith said he hasn't been in the same building as the Stanley Cup since the Hawks brought it to the United Center on Oct. 9, 2010, to show it off for the same fans who watched on TV as Patrick Kane slipped the puck past Flyers goalie Michael Leighton in overtime in Game 6 of the finals. That night, the Hawks hoisted the Cup one more time and hoisted a banner that will forever commemorate that championship. "It was huge, bringing back the memories," winger Marian Hossa said. "The whole crowd was into it, the film on the Jumbotron — just great memories. It was fun." The Hawks will be in the same building as the Stanley Cup again on Saturday. There'll be a banner raised to the rafters, too. But it won't be their Cup. The Los Angeles Kings will be the ones basking in the cheers of their fans and the glimmering reflection of the Cup, celebrating their spectacular march to the championship last spring as a No. 8 seed.