The Mavericks committed 20 turnovers in Tuesday’s loss to Milwaukee, leading to 19 Bucks points. Milwaukee committed 12 turnovers, leading to 11 Dallas points. O.J. Mayo led the Mavericks with five turnovers. Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle was asked whether Mayo is frustrated by his turnover count. “I would hope so,” Carlisle said. “Yeah, I would hope so. “I think the important thing that O.J.’s got to understand is he’s got to keep the game simple. He’s not a creator. He’s a scorer and a guy that came make simple plays and he’s proven that. When he starts dribbling into a crowd and trying to make things happen, that’s simply not his game.” Said Mayo: “He (Carlisle) told me the same thing. So I’ve got to shoot the ball more, be more aggressive. “Turnovers obviously hurt us tonight. I led us in turnovers, so I’ve got to be better in that department.”