Mavericks’ gaurd O.J. Mayo spent the first four seasons of his NBA career playing for Memphis. His two trips back since joining the Mavericks have been difficult, to say the least. Mayo had 11 points and five turnovers, hitting 5-of-13 shots Wednesday night as the Mavericks lost 90-84. In December, he had 10 points and five turnovers and mad 3-of-11 shots. “That’s the way it goes, man,” Mayo said. “You want to play good. You want to play ‘em all good. You play bad, you’ve got to take a quick look at it and move on to the next game.” Mayo wasn’t the only Maverick to come up small. Nobody outside of Shawn Marion had numbers that were respectable, although Elton Brand was his usual bullish self. Even Dirk Nowitzki had just 10 points and no field goals in the second half. Just a brutal night for the Mavericks, something they’ve been saying a lot this season.