All hail Nail. Nail Yakupov, it seems, gets it. He gets the hockey-is-entertainment part. So, in his first availability since the Edmonton Oilers made him the 2012 NHL first overall draft pick last Friday, Yakupov tried out his schtick on the media. Worked pretty good. Especially the part where he put on a demonstration to make his point that fans come out to see the 'beauty fakes.' Wednesday, it'll be Oilers fans' first chance to see Yakupov when the team hits the ice at 9:30 a.m. sharp at Sherwood Park's Millennium Place. If the debut is half as entertaining as the availability, the fans should be in for a treat. "When you get drafted in the NHL, it's the next level," said Yakupov. "Last time, you're playing in junior and now you have to start all over as a rookie.