Mike Brown is over it, in case you were wondering how the ex-Oiler is dealing with his trade to San Jose. Nothing against Edmonton or the Oilers, but the rugged winger rather enjoys winning in the sun instead of losing in the cold. “Everybody has been pretty welcoming and the weather, you can’t complain about it, so been pretty good so far,” said Brown, who averaged four or five minutes a game on the last place Oilers, but is now getting eight to 10 minutes a night in San Jose. “It was a pretty cool thing. I like to win, I like to play, so it was a good thing.” The 28-year-old, who went south for the winter in an Oct. 21 trade for a fourth-round draft pick, said the biggest difference he noticed between San Jose and the Oilers came in the dressing room. Playing on a veteran winner is much, much different than playing on a young team struggling to get out of the basement. “That was the biggest dramatic change,” he said. “The biggest thing was the way the guys were in the room, the attitude, the mind-set, was completely different, going from last to first at the time. “When you’re winning you have a little bit more confidence, you can play with a bit more edge. The team here is an older group, the veterans know what it takes to win.